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About Us

The Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH is the central port of call for binding information on law and the economy.

The company publishes mandatory public announcements and laws of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Bundesanzeiger [Federal Gazette] and the Bundesgesetzblatt [Federal Law Gazette] as well as official publications of the European Union. It also administrates the Company Register.

The Bundesanzeiger was founded in 1949 when an orderly system of announcements and proclamations was reintroduced in post-war Germany. With the Bundesanzeiger, the Company Register, the Transparency Register and the allocation of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) by the LEIReg and also the many specialist digital offers, the Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH and its subsidiary, the Deutscher Bundes-Verlag, developed into a modern digital enterprise standing for authenticity, topicality and reliability.

Staff at our Cologne headquarters are developing and producing a range of products across the media. The range of products and services includes, among other, official announcements, software, databases, online services, newsletters, congresses and seminars.

THIS IS US – Our Mission Statement

We will render regulatory requirements transparent and will offer industry and public authorities solutions to their practical implementation.

WHAT WE CAN OFFER – approach us for …

  • Practical solutions to everyday issues. We will translate regulatory requirements to enable direct implementation by practitioners. We will, in this respect, deploy the gamut of digital forms and keep searching for clever technical solutions.
  • From practitioners to you, the practitioner. We will speak the language of our users and interact on equal playing fields. Our employees are experts in their respective fields.

Why did we as Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH decide to develop the ESEF-Manager for the creation or auditing of annual financial reports in the ESEF reporting format?

The ESEF-Manager was developed in cooperation with fwsb to support issuers in Germany and the EU in the preparation of their annual financial reports in ESEF reporting format and to support auditors in their audits. We have ever since 2013 been supporting submitters in Germany with eBilanz-Online, one of the applications we developed for the preparation and transmission of financial data. eBilanz-Online enables users to compile their e-balance sheet for submission to the tax authorities, to generate the disclosure file or to transfer the DiFin digital financial report to their bank or savings bank for assessment of their financial standing. eBilanz-Online is based on XBRL format.

What experience do we have in the XBRL field?

We have in recent years dealt with the XBRL topic at length already, since XBRL is a long-standing and proven format for the transmission of financial data. XBRL has firmly established itself in Germany and internationally and our company has been using XBRL for many years. The Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH operates the Company Register (OAM) for Germany and also the Bundesanzeiger. The Bundesanzeiger has applied XBRL ever since 2007. The Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH has for many years been a member of the XBRL Association in Germany (member of the board, long-standing member of XBRL EU), also member of the board and chair of the OAM XBRL working group in Europe towards the promotion of the ESEF reporting format. Against the background of the need to assist issuers and auditors in complying with the new regulatory ESEF requirements, development of the ESEF-Manager on the basis of our many years of XBRL experience had to be the next logical step.

Would you like to learn more about Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH?

The Management Editorial will inform you about the company’s history and the divisions of the Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH. To the Management Editorial

Like to learn more about the ESEF-Manager? Then simply contact us! We will gladly advise you.